Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

This generation and even the yet unborn are privileged and blessed to have this highly anointed family of grace and faith around. The Kenneth Copeland Ministries has been on ground now for 45  uninterrupted and unruffled years, doing ministry and ministering as well. By the grace of God, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are a household name all over the world by reason of undeniable impacts. The KCM is a ministry that has transformed the lives of so many ministers of God globally. This is not just a ministry, it is describable also  as a movement.

 Livinghope Ministries international is highly honored and privileged to partner with the Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and we are committed also to putting in our best even as the ministry moves from faith to faith and by the grace of God. Congratulations to  Kenneth and Gloria on the occasion of the  KCM’s 45th year anniversary, and to all of us partners all over the world, I say congratulations also. Waiting on God is never wasting. What a glorious 45 years of begging and debt-free ministry and ministering. It is the Lord’s doing. Praise  God!

 Livinghope International